Group Home

To help answer the question: "WHERE DO BOYS GO WHEN THEY CAN'T GO HOME?", My Friend's House is a group-care facility offering temporary, short-term residential support for typically eight at-risk male youth ages 13-18. The home is integrated into the Franklin, Tennessee community as the only home of its kind in Williamson County.

The program provides 24/7 structure, oversight, counseling support, behavior intervention and work toward transitional permanency planning for those with low to moderate clinical and behavior needs, who do not require intensive therapeutic or secure settings.

The overall goal is to focus on individualized behavioral stabilization and transition back to home or family, foster care step-down or adoption. The length of stay varies based upon the needs of each resident. The program is designed to be short-term (90-120 days). Private pay non-custodial respite services are available based upon assessment of short-term support needs. 





GROUP HOME (Level II) Services Include:

  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Individual / Group Counseling Session
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Education
  • Anger Management Sessions
  • Case Management
  • Coordinates of Medically Necessary Services / Support
  • Public School Education Placement / Liason Coordination
  • Educational Support, Tutoring and Credit Recovery / GED
  • Family / Resident Permanency Counseling
  • Adult Daily Living Skills Training
  • Recreation / Leisure Activities
  • Supported Employment (ages 16-18 only)


GROUP HOME Facility is:

  • Licensed by the Tennessee Department of Children's Services
  • Monitored by
    • Williamson County Health Department
    • City of Franklin Fire Marshal
    • Department of Children Services Licensure and DAR Division
    • Peer Review by Continuum Contractor