meet & eat

Please join us this year on TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2018 for our annual


This is a great apportunity to invite co-workers, neighbors and friends from the neighborhood or church to come for a FREE meal and learn about My Friend's House and our mission in serving at-risk boys in the middle Tennessee area.There will be a guest speaker and an update from our Executive Director, on the State of the House! It's always delicous and a great chance to expand the reach of our mission. Please consider being a part of the 2018 Friends Meet and Eat!




Golden Gallon Recipients - Volunteers of the Year 2017


This year's annual state of the house program was held during the lunch hour at the Drury Plaza Hotel. Granite City catered the event and a delicous pasta bar buffet was enjoyed by all.

The event was well-attended by nearly 100 guests, who were treated to another wonderful program. Our first guest speaker was Carla Watters, who is a volunteer with a missional community from Church of the City. She shared why her group began making dinners for the boys one night a month, and what keeps them coming back every month. It's the relationships they have built with these young men, and the mutual caring between these two unlikely groups of friends. The boys look forward to seeing Carla's group every month and spending time cooking, eating and visiting. This program is available to any group that is interested, please call the house for more information.

Guests also enjoyed hearing some of our past residents song-writing and poetry, as read by one of our staff members, Jeremy Hewgley. And the program wrapped up with Tina Edwards, our new Executive Director, tugging on our heartstrings by sharing a few of her experiences with the boys.

In her short time with My Friend's House she has spent a lot of time mentoring and caring for the boys. She told of their struggles in their homes, their simple desire to have someone be proud of them and how they often times come to flourish during their stay at My Friend's House. Oh...and the desperate need for the retirement of one or both of our house vans. It was a poignant program, and Tina wrapped it up by telling the attendees of our Friend of a Friend program, which helps offset the everyday costs of providing food, shelter, clothing, programming and recreational opportunities for the boys. If you missed the lunchon, and are interested in helping out, you can make donations online or by calling the house for more information about our Friend of a Friend program.

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend, and to all our table sponsors, who helped make this wonderful event happen!