The Final Stretch...

Recently a young resident in our program learned that he was not welcome to return to his adoptive home, despite all the amazing work he had accomplished in state custody over the past year. His short life has been a series of tragedies and struggles with his birth family, foster care placements, and then being adopted. And, now My Friend’s House is tasked with helping him envision a completely different future than the one he had envisioned. The staff here are encouraging this youth to write down his frustrations, accept the consequences of his actions, and to think about what he would like to have in a new foster family and a new direction. While it is heartbreaking to watch, we all believe in this teen boy’s ability to make a great life for himself. This is what we DO every day at My Friend’s House. We encourage, we care for, we provide hope and new paths, we teach life skills, and appropriate ways for teen boys to advocate for themselves.

None of this would be possible without the wonderful new home built in 2019 that provides spacious accommodations for every young man that lives at My Friend’s House. Most importantly, it provides a secure home, stability, routine, a nice bed, hot showers and a constant supply of home-cooked meals. When all of this is provided daily, teen boys can leave survival mode behind and focus on healing, and creating a new life.

My Friend’s House has built a spacious 6,000 square foot home and includes offices for staff. Through the tireless work of our Board of Directors, staff, donors and patrons of the Mardi Gras Ball, we have raised $705,000 for this home. All that’s left to raise is $70,000 and we will no longer have a mortgage. Our future will be framed!

We have been in Franklin since 1983 serving at-risk youth, helping them Frame a New Future. We will be here for many more decades providing much-needed services to teen boys. Join us today and help pay off our mortgage. Gifts of every amount are significant.  Scan this code from your phone and make a donation now.

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