Program & Services

Program Description

My Friend’s House is a Level 2 group-care facility that serves male youth ages 12-18 who are in state custody. This home is one of a few across the state of Tennessee and the only one of its kind in Williamson County. The boys who come to My Friend’s House have suffered from neglect, abuse, and loss of family members due to death or incarceration. Some have committed juvenile crimes that often derive from being neglected or abused by family members. 

The house provides temporary residential support that offers a secure, structured, home-like environment with trained staff on hand 24/7. As a home, the program provides three nutritious meals a day plus snacks, a comfortable single bed, a hot shower and clean, appropriate clothing. Many of our residents have not had these simple things provided to them in the past. Residents are also expected to follow a schedule and contribute to daily household chores. This normalcy and routine goes a long way toward helping a youth feel safe and nurtured, which in turn allows them to deal with and overcome their past traumas. 

The overall goal is to focus on individualized behavioral stabilization and transition back to family, foster care, adoption or independent living upon turning 18.  The average length of stay is 3 to 6 months and varies based upon the needs of each resident. 

The home is integrated into the Franklin, Tennessee community where youth attend public school, access local health care and other services. One unique aspect of our program is welcoming volunteers into My Friend’s House to provide positive, adult interactions with our youth. The Williamson County community is vested in the success and outcomes of our residents. 

There are 4 levels of care when a youth is placed in state custody. Level 1 is for children with minimal behavioral issues and is a foster placement. A Level 2 facility operates in a more restrictive environment like My Friend’s House. A Level 3 facility is restrictive in that youth stay on the grounds of the facility for all activities including school and health appointments. At a Level 3 facility residents also receive more diagnostic care for mental health issues. A level 4 facility is juvenile detention and is the most restrictive. 

Services at My Friend's House Includes:

  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Individual & Group Counseling Sessions
  • Anger Management Sessions or Aggression Replacement Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Medical and Dental Care
  • Public School Education Placement / Liaison Coordination
  • Educational Support, Tutoring, Credit Recovery & GED Certificates
  • Family & Residential Permanency Counseling
  • Adult Daily Living Skills
  • Recreation & Leisure Activities

My Friend's House Facility is Licensed by:

  • The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

And monitored by:

  • Williamson County Health Department
  • City of Franklin Fire Marshall
  • Department of Children’s Services Licensure and DAR Division
  • Peer Review by Continuum Contractors

Our Community Partners