Cortez Yorke-Bigsby

Chris & Nicki Yorke already had two teenage children in the fall of 2017 and thought their family was complete. As leaders in the youth group at their church, Chris and Nicki offered to teach a Financial Peace course in Jan 2018 and they invited the My Friend’s House (MFH) residents to attend.

The class was no small commitment and the 8 boys at MFH were brought to class every single week for 12 weeks. Wednesday nights soon became the highlight for the Yorke’s, in large part, because of the boys from MFH.

They were impressed with the group of boys that attended each week. One boy with a contagious smile, named Cortez, stood out to them at every class. The Yorke’s wanted to know more and to learn how they could help this young man.

The Yorke’s began the PATH (Parents as Tender Healers) training required to become a foster parent and then completed their home study. At the end of May 2018, Cortez moved into their home and enjoyed a busy summer with camps and a beach vacation. It was the first time Cortez had been to the ocean and the Yorke family was honored to be a part of that experience.

Initially, Cortez said he did not want to be adopted and the Yorkes supported his decision.  BUT THEN…in February 2019, Cortez approached them with the idea of adoption, and their hearts melted. They began adoption counseling as a family and individually. On August 21, 2019, they made it official.  Cortez even wanted to change his name on his birth certificate.  They were very proud to announce their 6’1, 160 lb, baby boy, Javantae Cortez Yorke-Bigsby. The Yorke’s are so grateful for MFH and the impact they are making in the lives of the young men they serve.  Without them, they would never have met their son.

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