Empowerment Room




When the Predators Foundation and the Smile Direct Club teamed up to help My Friend’s House with a $70,000 matching donation to build a new house, they earned the privilege of naming a room at the new home. After learning about the various programs at My Friend’s House, the Predators Foundation and Smile Direct Club chose to name The Empowerment Room. In this space, group therapy will take place to help residents heal from their trauma, learn life skills, and appropriate ways to verbalize their needs. The Empowerment Room is a safe space for boys to express their fear, anger and loss about what they have experienced as a child. This room is also a place to learn new and better skills for coping and maneuvering through the challenges that lie ahead for these young men. The Empowerment Room will soon be furnished with comfy bean bag chairs, aromatherapy diffusers and empowering words on the walls to help the boys relax.