Letters from our boys

Written to one of our Direct Care Staff, Terrell: "You have always been there for me. You always made me feel like someone cared. We have had good times, and very seldom bad times, lol, but I'm thankful for the things you do."

- Dalton, 15


"I think the positive thing about My Friend's House is the staff who care about us. They take us places like the movies, the gym, play games, and watch movies like a family. I want to thank Ms. Katie for taking me to her family’s house for Thanksgiving. I felt like it was home and I just want to say this place is the best. Also, Ms. Linton, she is a really nice lady. We also get to go home if we are good on the weekends. This place is great."

-Doneil , 15


"My Friend's House is a place where teenagers can come and change their life around. Some teens have grown up in a broken home and they have never had the attention from their mother and father. So they may go out and do drugs and alcohol, which can eventually lead them into trouble. That’s where My Friend's House steps in. They are not your family, but they do show each and every individual attention. They also show us how to maintain a house, a job, and do good in school. Most of all they show teens how to turn their life around, and do good instead of bad. My Friend's House gives me hope."

-Malik , 17


"My Friend's House has helped me make progress with not only my individual living skills, but also, it helped me with anger management, and coping skills. Here, you can practice new techniques of doing better and apply them at home. So you can reunite with your family again. This placement has helped me significantly with this. My parents have told me that they see a change in me. That I have accomplished with the help of MFH over the past 7 months. This is a very nice placement and I am very happy with the goals MFH has helped me achieve."

-Ethan, 16


"What I like about My Friend's House is that staff cooks and takes care of me. I like when groups come to spend time and play games with us. This is the best group home ever."

-Zeke, 12

"Ms. Katie,

I want to let you know that without your help I would not be in the situation I am. I hope that I leave as much of a mark on your life as you did mine. Whenever I would get angry before I woud just not care, because I didn't think anyone else cared. But when I started to trust you more, I figured I might as well let you know what I was going through, and you helped me through it. Miss Katie, you have left the biggest mark on my life. You make me think about the way I see things and the way that I was living, and it was all because you cared. No one in my life has cared besides my granny. When I was at home, my mom didn't even ask me how my day was. Ms. Katie, you inspire me. That is the reason when you look like something is bothering you, I ask what's wrong and try to make you feel better. I think that you do not realize how you are the only staff that I actually enjoy their presence. Just know that I am lucky that I met you and that you have altered my life, and for that I will forever give thanks, like a pilgrim. Thank you for your help, support, patience, and for your forgiveness. I will never forget how much you have done for me. I will miss you and hope we can keep in touch."