New MFH Logo



We wanted our new logo to better represent our mission, and who we serve. The design shows two boys of varying skin tones coming together to form an abstract house, with the warm glow of light in the window. We serve boys. Boys that come from various backgrounds with a wide range of issues. They come to us to live, heal and grow.

The name ‘My Friend’s House’ is the foundation of the logo. If we are successful in our mission, MFH is the foundation that these boys need. Increasingly, both interally and externally, we are referred to as MFH. In an effort to have our logo identify us as My Friend’s House, or MFH, we incorporated the letters ‘MFH’ into our logo.

Our tagline ‘a place for boys to live, heal, grow’ further illustrates and emphasizes our mission, in that the boys do literally come live with us, most are on a healing journey and each and every one will grow physically, emotionally and mentally during their stay at My Friend's House.