Friend of a Friend

Our Friend of a Friend program is our newest initative to help better the lives of the boys who find their way to My Friend’s House. Our goal is to find Friends who would generously donate to our boys on a monthly basis. The funds collected help to provide the necessary clothing, food, academic assistance, health care and recreation-related needs of our boys. The funds allow us to plan ahead for programming for the boys, to be prepared for unexpected expenses and purchase school supplies. With your help through the sponsorship program, our boys are able to feel supported and cared for while they reside at My Friend’s House.


We offer three levels of sponsorship to choose from, the Mentor, the Friend and the Best Friend. Once a sponsorship level is selected, monthly payments can be made via a credit card and drafted directly from your account. This method has proven to be most effective, reliable and secure, eliminating paperwork, mailing costs and forgotten payments.


To be a sponsor or learn more, contact us at 615-790-8553, we would be happy to send you an information package.

Or for a donation form click the link below: