Thomas Meadows

Thomas Meadows was a young boy of seven when he found out his father had cancer. His mother soon deserted the family, leaving his father to raise three children as a gravely ill single parent. A short time later, it would be Thomas that would arrive home from school to find his father lifeless on the couch. Thomas and his sisters were placed in the foster care system. Thomas bounced from house to house, oftentimes afraid of what was beyond the front doors. Thomas stated in an interview that, “God finally answered his prayers in moving him to My Friend’s House (MFH).” It was not his forever home, but he claims MFH got him to where he is today.

Thomas was relieved to finally be with caring staff. He enjoyed going to the YMCA, watching movies, playing instruments, canoeing, and so many more things. For the first time, he was never hungry and did not have to worry about where he would sleep because he had his own bed. He enjoyed going to school and was even afforded the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, such as JROTC. Thomas really connected with the other boys and they became brothers who shared a bond through their losses and neglect. He felt there was no such thing as discrimination at MFH, it was a very strong brotherhood.

Thomas shared with us, “When I left My Friend’s House I realized how important this house is to the community. Not only did it save me, but I’m sure this house has changed the lives of many boys. The program helped me get on my feet. While I was there, I regained my faith and hope of what my life could be.” MFH helped Thomas find new foster parents. From there, Thomas found his footing to go on and become an independent adult. After high school, Thomas trained to become a certified low-voltage electrician and then he met Megan. Last year, Thomas became engaged to Megan and in November, they became parents to a beautiful baby girl named Mayla Jade. He is now working full time as an electrician and can support his family. Thomas will always be grateful for the love and hope that MFH gave him.

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