As this unprecedented year draws to a close and a new year is on the horizon...My Friend's House still faces monumental challenges. The least of which is funding our operations budget without our primary fundraiser, the Mardi Gras Ball. Our clients are here to get back on track, receive help or find a new family, which is no small task.

We work with teen boys in a very intensive way that is life-changing. It’s much more complex than providing a meal or a bed for a night. Our goal is to help that youth make the conscious choice to heal from their trauma, change their negative behaviors and make new choices. When we succeed we have changed the entire trajectory of a boy’s life.

There is one fundamental question we are always asked that we would like to address here: WHAT IS THE COST TO RUN OUR PROGRAM?  It breaks down to $213 a day per resident. We are paid $105 a day per child as a subcontractor of the State. We are then tasked with raising the remaining $108 dollars a day needed through fundraising from corporate donors, faith-based organizations, events, grant-writing, and YOU.

You may be asking, Why $213 a day per resident? These monies cover uninsured medical expenses, prescriptions, individual therapy, food for eight growing boys, clothing, school supplies, housing costs such as electricity and water, vehicle maintenance, gas, case management and the ever-so-critical staffing. Our direct care professionals work 24/7, 365 days a year. Around the clock care is a substantial expense. In addition, all of our direct care staff participate in continuous training to learn how to work with traumatized teens who also have behavioral issues.

Now you may be thinking, is the cause worth all this effort and expense?

Without a doubt, and here is why. We ALL deserve the opportunity to discover our gifts and strengths, and live our best life. My Friend’s House stands in the gap for parents/guardians who are either struggling in the moment or will never be stable enough to care for their children. My Friend’s House exists as a place for ‘course correction’ whether it be for the parents or the child. A place where hope can be born. Helping these teens recover from their trauma by providing a safe home, food to eat, health care, guidance in school, therapy, modeling appropriate behaviors, lots of structure, and even exposure to new experiences costs so much less than a lifetime in poverty, crime or imprisonment. And, most of all because everyone should have a chance to dream and make something of themselves,

We are asking for your consideration. By giving, you help fill the void we face in the cancellation of our major fundraiser. By giving today, you help more teen boys in need have this opportunity to change their life's path. We cannot provide this program and train our staff without your financial support. If you have given, hear us say a mighty thank you! If you have not, you still have time to make a tax-deductible contribution for 2020 and provide hope where it is needed most

Warmest wishes for a bright and beautiful New Year!

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